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12 March 2008 @ 04:07 am
I found this on Ebay and I'm not sure what it's about, but it has the best title ever.

I'm thinking about getting a copy of Coffee Prince. The plot sounds funny, in a wacky shoujo manga kind of way.
"The life of Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is not easy; she works many jobs to pay off debts and even gave up her feminine image. Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) is the heir of a big food company, but his grandmother wants him to settle down, so she arranged many dates for him. After Eun Chan bumped into Han Kyul and was mistaken for a boy, Han Kyul decided to hire Eun Chan to be his gay lover in order to avoid the arranged dates. Desperately in need of money, Eun Chan had no choice but to accept. Han Kyul's grandmother also made Han Kyul in charge of a filthy coffee shop in danger of being bankrupt. Eun Chan begged to work at the coffee shop, and not long after, feelings start to spark, except, how would Han Kyul accept his "homosexuality"?

The last time I tried buying Korean dvds for myself, I bought a comedy show called Hello Francesca, which is about a family of vampires who decide to leave Romania in search of safer places to live, but due to an unfortunate shipping error, they end up on the wrong boat to Seoul. Fortunately, despite being Romanian, they're also asian and speak Korean as well. Then they make some Korean guy a vampire as well so they can crash at his apartment and sponge off of him. I couldn't get into them though :( Trying to read the crazy translations gave me headaches. Someday I will try again.

Today, I was talking to this really contentious guy on the phone and he self-importantly announced, "I am an attorney". A big red warning light,
Internet Lawyer
,went off in my head and it was all I could do not to laugh. I expect to be subpoenaed any day now.
Never mess with the sacred chickenslesbiassparrow on March 13th, 2008 10:59 am (UTC)
That cover is AWESOME. It's actually a (supposedly) very good drama called 'The Legend.' I haven't seen it yet but I've seen clips and images and it looks pretty good. Though perhaps not as good as 'Wang God' would be.

I started Coffee Prince and never finished for some reason. It's cute, though. I also recommend 'Capital Scandal.' Gorgeous outfits plus no terminal illnesses, steb-sibling love, blindness etc. - and I still loved it.

I really, really want to see Hello Francesca. How I have never heard of this masterpiece?
caerbannog: Crazy Eyescaerbannog on March 14th, 2008 05:55 am (UTC)
I will keep an eye out for Capitol Scandal. My mom is always making me find more
dramas for her.

I might have to try Hello Francesca again because I found out that Daniel Henney guest stars in one of the episodes :D The other weird thing about it, is that it has sort of a sitcom laugh track, but it's more like the audience going "Ooooh!" (in a "Oh no, you
" kind of way.)
Calscalixa on March 13th, 2008 06:15 pm (UTC)
Rofl... what a beautiful cover.
caerbannog: Crazy Eyescaerbannog on March 14th, 2008 05:49 am (UTC)
Yes, his wang is indeed very impressive. ^_^