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14 July 2011 @ 01:35 am

sleeping, as ferrets do

I adopted two ferrets. The white one with gray patches is a girl we've named Snowball and the brown one is a boy named Mochi. They're almost four months old. They are super hyper and also incredibly lazy. So worn out by new experiences! They've decided they really like ferretone (also known as ferret vitamins or ferret crack), chicken treats, their new kibble, and tubes. Bath time was sucky. The jury is undecided so far on hammocks. We will wait and see.
14 July 2011 @ 01:23 am
(Weird. I thought I posted this last week, but apparently not? Because it popped up as a saved draft? So here you go anyway? I hate to waste a post.)

Wow, I'm turning into a really lazy blogger. I can't seem to find much energy or interest into posting, even though I am still reading my flist regularly. Part of it may be due to the overtime, work is still crazy with the the overtime, although this weekend we had a nice break from it (it's always slower during the holidays anyway.) On the other hand, I should actually be using this time to clean the house, so suddenly blogging seems a lot more attractive.

I had lunch at Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs today. It is a (apparently pretty new) gourmet hot dog place on 23rd st in OKC. It kind of reminds me of Hot Doug's in Chicago, with all different kinds of hot dogs and crazy combinations.

Mom had a tofu corndog, we split duck fat fries with truffle oil, and I had the Pond Dog, which is duck sausage with brie and caramelized apples and onions.

It was all pretty tasty, especially the fries. The Pond Dog was pretty huge and I didn't quite manage to eat all of it. The warm, melty brie was my favorite part. The tofu corndog, which I tried a bite of, wasn't bad. It was basically tofu on a stick with the deep fried cornbread around it. It would have been better with some hot sauce. Everything is better with some gochujang. But then again, I also really like tofu.

Some random thoughts:

*I just finished reading A Feast for Crows by G.R.R. Martin. I've pretty much enjoyed reading the series so far, although the amount of violence and misogyny does tend to squick me out. Every time I finished reading a book, I felt like I had to stop and read something different, with less raping going on.

*I kind of want to read something more cheerful right now. I'm in a toss up between Eva Ibbotson, Georgette Heyer or Dennis Lehane. (Okay, so one one of these is not like the other. I am kind of in the mood for a mystery too.)

*Apparently, we are back to 12 hour days now that the holiday weekend is over. I am SO DISAPPOINT.

*I am ready for
a)all this overtime
b)this hot weather
c)tv's summer hiatus to be over.

*I watched the two new episodes of True Blood. I did a lot second hand embarrassment cringing.

Okay, time to rearrange some clutter, I suppose.
13 June 2011 @ 03:58 am
So I'm back from my NYC trip. I had a fantastic time! It was a fantastic experience. Even though we tried to see as much as we could in a few days, it doesn't feel like nearly enough. I think I would need a hundred years to see and explore everything I would like of NYC.

The Met (and the reason for our trip)! It was well worth traveling halfway across the country to see this exhibit.

cut for a boatload of holiday snapsCollapse )
My wrist is starting to give out on me, so another post with more pictures later!
04 June 2011 @ 02:52 am
Two more days till my NYC trip!

Am heading into Massive Freakout mode, during which I compulsively check flight loads every few hours. It is all a part of the adventure that is flying free. I can get my friends and I there, if I can find empty seats. I think this can be accomplished (the numbers aren't looking good), but will likely involve spending the entire day at the airport. What the hell, at least it will be time that I'm not taking calls.

Just realized that I somehow have never uploaded any "my life is neurotic/nervous making all the time" themed icons, so have a picture of kitties playing ping pong.

Anyhow, I will get us there somehow. *waves fist in vaguely Scarlett O'Hara like fashion*

What I meant to post though, was that since I'm planning on spending the day at the Metropolitan Museum, I will no doubt stop at the gift shop and pick up a ton of postcards, museums and postcards being two of my favorite things about travel. (Restaurants and grocery stores are the others, but that's neither here nor there.) If you would like me to mail you a postcard, drop me a comment with your name and address and I'll send you one. Comments will be screened for privacy's sake. The only thing I ask for in return is that you cross your fingers for me and send lucky thoughts for me to get my butt on the plane in the first place.
26 May 2011 @ 03:31 am
I keep meaning to post, but I am so brain dead from work when I get home. The 12 hour shifts are continuing on indefinitely. *infinite sadface D:* It is pretty much all anyone at work talks about, what a pain it is, how long it is going on, etc. I don't have time to do anything else. I've pretty much realized that at this rate, there's no way I'll be able to finish Japanese Garden in time for the fair. And no time to get, much less take care of, a Baby Ferret.

I do have a vacation in two weeks, if I can only manage not going insane by then. I'm planning on going to New York City with my friends Sarah and Nicole. Only for a few days, but I am determined to go there to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. I want to see it so badly.(We will probably spend at least one whole day at the museum.) Going standby is tricky, but I am crossing my fingers like crazy. My backup plans have backup plans.

Relevant macro is relevant to my interests.

And the brightest part of my week so far: aoi_no_neko, in a kind and unbelievably generous offer, sent me a ton of classic records. Lots of Beatle records, lots of Queen, a few David Bowie, among others. SQUEEE. Listened to a bit of the White Album so far and it sounds amazing. Thank you SO much, Julie! :D
Awesome pile of records on historically accurate shag carpeting.

I just want to stay home and listen to records and dance around my living room. Alas, must get some sleep before another 12 hour Shi(f)t tomorrow. *falls down*
07 May 2011 @ 08:12 pm
Star Wars record

I spotted this at the 23rd St. Antique Mall this afternoon. I had this exact same record when I was little! Or still have somewhere, although it's probably nowhere near as in as good a shape. I was hell on all my records and scratched the shit out of them; I'd be surprised if any of them could play without skipping. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that there should not be any artifacts stuff from my childhood in antique stores, next to depressionware glass and daguerrotypes. That shit is wrong.
23 April 2011 @ 04:06 am
Hey, here is the one moderately focused, somewhat discernible concert photo I have ever taken.

This is from this past Tuesday when I went to see my favorite band*, The National, play Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa (right at the end of Fake Empire.) It was a great concert. Even though it was only October that I saw them in Dallas, I was still very excited to see them again, especially as a)I didn't think they would still be touring a year after High Violet came out and b) it looked before like they were skipping Oklahoma.

Here is the setlist (posted mostly for the benefit of my poor memory)
Anyone’s Ghost
Mistaken for Strangers
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Slow Show
Squalor Victoria
Afraid of Everyone
Conversation 16
All the Wine
Apartment Story
Green Gloves
Fake Empire

Driver, Surprise Me
Mr. November
Terrible Love
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

The setlist is nearly identical to the Dallas concert, except for about three songs. But I was especially glad to hear "Driver, Surprise Me" because I really love the National's b-sides and they hardly ever seem to play them.

The House of Blues in Dallas had, I think, clearer sound, but Cain's has history behind it, which adds points in its favor (it was built back in the 20's) and also, it has a spring dance floor. This meant that every time the band played a loud song, the crowd would start jumping up and down and the whole room would literally rock. During "Abel", I nearly got bounced right off my feet. Fun! In fact, I enjoyed everything about this show. The National are great live, I would go see them again anytime they play nearby. I heart them so much.

Also, the next morning I had breakfast at some place called The Wild Fork and had maybe the best bacon I've ever had. (And cheesy grits, yum!) And then I went and looked at needlework at The Silver Needle. Music and embroidery, that's how I roll.

Work is kind of punishing my ass right now in return for having had a couple of good days, but that's another post, another time.

*...that's playing right now. My favorite band of all time is still the Beatles. Though it's very close. But it's not possible that anyone can top the Beatles.
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "So Far Around the Bend" - the National
17 April 2011 @ 03:16 am
I did manage to get up early Saturday after all. I got to Guestroom Records in Norman about 40 minutes before the store opened, but at that point, there was already a good long line nearly down to the corner. I brought my Kindle to past the time while I waited. (Reading ebooks while waiting to buy vinyl seems odd to me somehow, but I figure they balance each other out.) Once the store opened, they let people in by fives, so I still had awhile to wait. Peeping through the window, I could see people carrying around stacks, so I resigned myself to getting whatever limiteds might be left.

However, there was still a lot of stuff by the time I got in, so I still managed to get quite a few nice things.

Grinderman - Evil single featuring Matt Berninger of The National - in RED GLITTERY VINYL. This was the release I most coveted because although I'm not a huge Nick Cave fan, I adore Matt Berninger's voice. Also, the vinyl is RED with GLITTER in it. You can listen to the track here. I don't know who decided that if you're going to be listening to something as grim as a Nick Cave song, you need some extra sparkle, but whoever it was, kudos to you. (Also, how excited was I to have spotted the last copy. Yoink.)

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Kings of Leon - Holy Roller Novocaine, in red vinyl

Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling - Dharohar Project

Franz Ferdinand Covers EP, in orange vinyl

Regina Spektor - Four from Far, in blue vinyl

The Civil Wars - Dance Me to the End of Love

Esben and the Witch - Chorea ep

And aside from the RSD releases, I also picked up copies of Joy Division's Closer, Siouxie and the Banshee's A Kiss in the Dreamhouse, and Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company. Plus some stuff from the free tables like 45's by the Black Crowes (clear vinyl!) and Belle and Sebastian and some 3D glasses (random!).

So all in all, an excellent haul. The only disappointments were that I didn't get the Ryan Adams ep or the pink vinyl of Hounds of Love. (And they are now going for crazy amounts on Ebay. Thanks, scalpers.)

And then I had to go and ruin a perfectly good shopping high by going into work that afternoon rather than lying around listening to records, but such is life.
16 April 2011 @ 01:28 am
Saturday is Record Store Day. I am excite. This will be my first one since I've started collecting. (Last year's I missed by a couple of weeks.) I am looking forward to a few titles, and hopefully scoring some colored vinyl. My favorite!

The only difficult part (for me) will be getting up at an (unaccustomed early) time of morning. Fortunately, I have an internal alarm clock. I only need to tell myself to wake up at a certain time and I will automatically wake up pretty close to that time. Unfortunately, the internal alarm clock comes with a snooze button and I almost always fall back asleep in a matter of minutes. Maybe for five minutes or four hours. I hope I can remember why I need to get up, instead of convincing myself that whatever it was, it can't be important as getting more sleep.

I think I'm going to rewatch last night's Parks and Recreation and then try to get some sleep
07 April 2011 @ 02:18 am
My missing camera cord has been lost so long that I think it's pretty much gone for good. I either need to buy a new cord or maybe a whole new camera. It might be time to upgrade to a new model anyhow. Maybe something either smaller/lighter or something that's more shaky hands proof.

In the meantime, since it's been a long time since I took any cross stitch photos, so here's a iPhone pic of my progress on Japanese Garden. I am not feeling too inspired on the needlework front (and lacking the camera cord), hence the lack of finishes and photos lately.

It took me about three months to do that 1/4th of the outer garden. Not very impressive. The crane in the center medallion is stitched one over one thread and that probably took the longest amount of time. I'll need to work a lot more on it if I want to get it done in time for the fair this year.

Japanese Garden WIP, 4/5/11